Dr. Karl Jawhari on the Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

Time and time again, doctors, healthcare practitioners, alternative medicine practitioners, therapists and yoga exercises for healthy spine Dallas have been reminding patients about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. And yet, Dr. Karl Jawhari laments, no one really pays attention to these reminders until pain and/or a medical condition begins to manifest.

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A healthy lifestyle keeps a number of medical conditions at bay, says Dr. Karl Jawhari, not least of which is chronic neck and back pain. Physical inactivity and a poor diet can increase the risk of developing not only chronic back and neck pain, but more importantly, such conditions as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, migraines and chronic headaches. Mental and emotional health may be affected as well.

With a healthy lifestyle, not only do you maintain spinal health, but you maintain your overall health as well, mentally and physically. It’s a puzzle to healthcare specialists like Dr. Karl Jawhari how people can be negligent about their health and lifestyle despite numerous studies and research that have found links between a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits and a number of diseases.

To expound a bit further, Dr. Karl Jawhari shares that the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are collectively known as “disuse syndrome;” a term coined sometime in the early 1980s to describe the effects of physical inactivity on the mind and body.

The three main areas affected by a sedentary lifestyle are the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system. Apart from these, disuse syndrome has also been linked to chronic pain.

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