Dr Karl Jawhari

Dr Karl Jawhari on Chronic Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dr Karl Jawhari is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, from arthritis to back pain, bulging discs, facet syndrome, herniated discs, inflammation, migraines, neck pain, stenosis, whiplash and a range of other chronic pain conditions.

His mission in life is summarized in these words:

“My goal is to help all my patients achieve long-lasting relief from their chronic bodily pains by employing healthy methods—methods that promote wellness throughout the body.”

His desire to provide the best care and services to his patients compelled Dr Karl Jawhari to perform extensive research on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of neck and body pain. He spent 15 years doing research; not minding the hours he pored over studies and analyses for the service of patients and the public.

Dr Karl Jawhari established Core Integrative Health in order to give patients the attention and treatment/s they so rightly deserve. Using a multidisciplinary approach, his goal is to help patients find the right treatment plan specific to their condition through a combination of medical and alternative therapies; giving hope to those who have been told their only option is surgery.

For the reader’s reference, Core Integrative Health is a medical facility that employs medical doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors working together for faster and better outcomes in the patient’s health.

To serve as many patients suffering from chronic pain as possible, Dr Karl Jawhari published this website to provide everyone with information, tips, advice and more regarding joint bodily pains, such as the ones mentioned above.

Dr Jawhari hopes to let everyone know through this website that they don’t have to suffer in silence; that help is available, and that various treatments are now readily available for their specific condition.

Stay tuned to this website to read the latest updates on everything about chronic pain.