3 Causes of Upper Back Pain

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Dr. Karl Jawhari: Three Causes of Upper Back Pain

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as many as 27 million Americans suffer from back pain in varying degrees. Of this figure, only about 70% sought the help of a doctor. Dr. Karl Jawhari advises anyone experiencing back pain to seek help, as bearing the pain hoping it will go away will only do more harm than good. To better understand your options for back pain treatment, it helps to go over first the causes. Dr. Karl Jawhari explains each below:

1. Poor posture – Millions of Americans today work cubicle jobs. They sit at their desk for eight hours, hunched over typing away at their computer. Little do they know are already living a sedentary lifestyle and putting their back at risk as well. If you hold down an office job, Dr. Karl Jawhari reminds you to be more aware of your posture. This is because poor posture can lead to structural changes to the back and neck due to the pressure applied to these areas.

To improve your posture, try to keep your ears in line with your shoulders. Avoid crossing your legs. Keep your feet on the ground. Sitting on an ergonomic chair also helps. You can also use a lumbar support pillow for your lower back.

2. Lifting heavy objects improperly – Lifting weights is a common exercise in the gym but while many Americans are able to do so, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it properly, says Dr. Karl Jawhari. Lifting heavy objects properly applies outside the gym however. When lifting, you must keep the spine aligned, as you could end up placing harmful pressure on your upper back otherwise. Aside from upper back pain, lifting heavy objects can also lead to serious back and shoulders injuries.

3. Muscle strain – Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling your back all sore? If you overused your back muscles prior, then there’s a high chance you’ll experience upper back pain due to muscle strain. For example, painting ceilings or working above the head may have placed pressure on your back muscles. Usually, muscle strains aren’t anything serious. Dr. Karl Jawhari advises rest and to seek a professional only if the pain persists.

These are just some of the common causes of upper back pain. Some of the more obvious causes include accidents like car crashes and collisions during activities like sports. To ensure you’re in the pink of health, consult a doctor about your upper back pain.