Dr. Karl Jawhari -Top 3 Picks for Active Seating in the Workplace

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Top 3 Picks for Active Seating in the Workplace by Dr. Karl Jawhari

Dr. Karl Jawhari is a licensed healthcare practitioner that specializes in disc and spinal care with functional nutritional proficiency. He also spent 15 years researching the causes, symptoms, and treatments for neck and back pain. One of the most common, yet often unaddressed, reasons for back pain is sitting in a sedentary position for long hours at a time, which means the entire time you spend at the office every day, says Dr. Karl Jawhari.

Since people spend most of their time sitting behind their desks at the office, it would be wise to invest in a chair that will benefit not only your back, shoulders, and neck, but your overall well-being as well. Here Dr. Karl Jawhari shares his top picks for active seating in the office.

But first, what is active seating? Dr. Karl Jawhari explains:

“Active seating uses ergonomically designed chairs that work your core muscles, encourages movement, and improves posture while sitting behind your desk. These chairs could be designed for standing desks or regular desks. It all depends on what you choose.”

For Dr. Jawhari’s top picks, there are as follows:

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Image Source: media.kohlsimg.com

Designed by Gaiam, a leading fitness company that specializes in health and fitness equipment, with the help of a licensed chiropractic doctor, the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair is the healthier alternative to your regular office chair. Since most desks are designed for a regular sitting position, this active seating chair is the first pick of Dr. Karl Jawhari. You can immediately replace your regular chair with this one; no need to install standing desks. The chair utilizes the same balance ball that people usually use for their fitness routine, but this one has a metal support bar at the front to help keep the ball in place. This comes in different colors and two designs; one with a backrest and one without.


2. Locus Focal Upright Mobile Stand-up Leaning Seat

Image Source: jaswig.com

This one is designed for standing desks. It has a leaning seat and a footrest platform, which makes you look like you’re exercising while sitting on it. It’s way more expensive than the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Gaiam starts at $69.99, Locus at $550) but you can’t put a price on the health benefits you will get it from it; benefits, adds Dr. Karl Jawhari, that can last you a lifetime. This chair was designed to relax the spine and engage your core muscles.


3. Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Image Source: arredatutto.com

Last but not the least is Varier’s Move Tilting Saddle Stool. The chair encourages sitting in an upright position, which is good for the back and spine, and helps strengthen the core muscles on the back and the abdomen. Think of it as a way to work out your core muscles without really trying. This one retails for about $500.