Dr. Karl Jawhari- Risks of Sitting Too Much: More Than Physical

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Effects of Sitting Too Much on Our Mental and Physical Health by Dr. Karl Jawhari

A sedentary lifestyle puts us at a higher risk of developing various illnesses or diseases, some of which can be fatal. According to Dr. Karl Jawhari, sitting for long periods can have dire consequences on one’s overall health. The effects may not be seen or felt immediately, but they will happen and often, when you least expect it.

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Medical doctors, chiropractors, alternative and other healthcare practitioners have never been remiss in reminding their patients about the importance of regular exercise or at least regularly engaging in physical activities that stretch your muscles. But even with the repeated reminders, people still do not take these reminders seriously to the point of making a few lifestyle changes, Dr. Karl Jawhari laments.

Did you know that sitting too much behind your desk and/or in front of the computer every day can lead to serious consequences that go beyond the physical? But first, Dr. Karl Jawhari wants to reiterate the health of consequences that doctors have been repeating to patients and the public for years. The most common are the following:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease/s
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressures
  • High cholesterol
  • Chronic pain
  • Rheumatic disorders

According to Dr. Karl Jawhari, studies also found that sitting for prolonged periods and a sedentary lifestyle may put women at risk for developing certain types of cancers including cancer of the breast, uterus, and ovary.

As if these aren’t serious enough, there are other dire consequences of sitting too much while glued to the screen, cocooned in your own little space. For one, it greatly affects your social skills which may lead to a decline in your psychological well-being. There have also been a few mentions in the medical circle that dementia is more likely with this kind of lifestyle.

In addition to affecting your social skills, Dr. Karl Jawhari adds that as your social skills become greatly diminished over time, you could also develop anxiety, which could lead to further issues like sleeplessness, withdrawal from social activities, and depression.

It’s a vicious chain, says Dr. Jawhari, and unless you do something about it, you could be looking at a combination of these risks suddenly manifesting. In truth, it’s not sudden. These develop over time, people aren’t just aware of them because they don’t see or feel the full extent of the effects just yet.

Your physical appearance may also be affected by this lifestyle. You may develop varicose veins on your legs, which you need to get checked says Dr. Karl Jawhari because they could be linked to a heart problem. Your posture will be affected as well, where you may appear hunched over when you walk. And of course, sitting behind your desk all day pretty much means you don’t get enough sunlight, which could not only make you look pale or ashen but more importantly, you may suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.